Posted by: Nyxks | July 22, 2008

The Secret History of the World

The Secret History of the World
by Mark Booth © 2008
Overlook Press
ISBN 1-59020-031-5
415 pages
$29.95 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

Unlike a number of histories as seen through the eyes of secret societies, this one is not predicated on the assumption that this is the authentic, or even the most probable, version of history. Rather it asks “If any of this is true, how can you trust the official version of anything?” That is a refreshing change of approach.

It is also important to note that, although concerned with the idea of secret societies, this is a look at the history of the world in general, and not a history of secret societies. If you are looking for conspiracy theories and other staples of secret society lore, you will be disappointed with this book.

The author makes certain assumptions which may cause some readers to wonder about his perceptions of the world. He sees a world in which, much like the scientist seeking proof of the unified field theory, everything is connected, whether or not any obvious connections can be seen. His view is just as difficult for the average reader to grasp, and as difficult to prove. This difficulty, however, does not invalidate the premise.

Do I agree with his view of the universe? Possibly, in some ways. But my agreement or not is irrelevant. He presents his case; shows his reasoning; puts forth his conclusions, and allows the reader to decide for himself if the conclusion reached is valid.

He warns at the outset that his view includes an upside down, inside out take on history as it is usually taught and perceived. He certainly makes good on that claim. Whether you agree with him or not, the book is an intriguing look at a subject which is at the very base of our civilization.

This is a book devoted more to personalities and interior refelctions than to dates and events. It seemingly flies in the face of conventional perceptions of history, while shining light into some of the little explored corners of human existence. It is not a fascinating reading experience. It IS an interesting exploration of possibilities. How accurate it is will only be determined by the reactions of its readers and the results of future reseach into the topics disclosed herein.

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