Posted by: Nyxks | June 10, 2008

Lucinda’s Web

Lucinda’s Web
by Dorothy Morrison © 2008
WillowTree Press
ISBN 978-0-9794533-2-8
284 pages
Should be available October 11, 2008 from

I have read some of Dorothy Morrison’s non-fiction work and enjoyed her approach and style. But there is often a difference between “teaching” and “storytelling” so I was looking forward to this book. I was NOT disappointed. Ms. Morrison’s talents are equally at play in each genre.

I love well crafted (if you will pardon the pun) fiction by people comfortable with the Pagan life. Too many authors make a character’s religious belief the center point of an otherwise pedestrian story. That is not a problem on either count with this book. The religious beliefs, although important to the development of the storyline, are not dominating; and the story is anything but pedestrian. The pacing is excellent; the characters are thoroughly believable (and enjoyable); and the plot is not so outrageous that it is an insult to the intelligence of the reader.

I won’t comment on the few glitches I found in this book, as it is still undergoing revision and formatting (This review is based on uncorrected proofs). I also can’t tell you what it will cost you when it is published in early October, as the price hasn’t been determined at this point.

What I can tell you are the following items: First, it is a fun book. I don’t mean that it is sweetness and light. It definitely has a darker side, but it is not depressing. Second, it is obvious from the ending that this is only the beginning. There are more stories to tell involving these characters (and I am sure Ms. Morrison will be telling them over the next several years). And, finally, that whatever the price ends up being, it will be worth the cost. WillowTree Press consistently pr5oduces high quality books by authors who know what the reader wants and needs.

As noted in the header at the start of the review, this book is scheduled for release in early October 2008. Look for it in your local bookstore, or visit WillowTree’s website and save yourself a trip. And while you are there, you may want to look at the Rowan Gant Investigations series by M. R. Sellars, another excellent fiction series.

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