Posted by: Nyxks | May 8, 2008

Book of Chants

Book of Chants
By Lady Edenbolake © 2008
19 pages pdf file only
$ 15.00 (U.S.)
available from
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

I’ve commented before that I am a print kind of guy. I have had an aversion to on-line books simply because I have been known to forget that I have them on my hard-drive waiting to be read and reviewed. Having said that, I also realize that pdf files are, at least, a significant wave of the future. Therefore I eagerly looked forward to this book

This is an extremely short and very personal book and contains about 30 chants and a half a dozen poems by the author. I did see a few problems with the formatting (missing spacing between instructions and chants in some instances, and inconsistent line length in the instructions), but considering the very nature of the work, this wasn’t too surprising.

The chants are divided into a number of topics – Love; Prosperity; Healing; Protection for Family/Self; Protection for Hearth and Home; and Poems. Each section contains about a half a dozen entries and, if they had been formatted at one per page could easily have doubled the length of the book.

The author intends to bring out a series of books in the future and I look forward to seeing them as they come out. They represent one person’s view and practice and are valuable if for no other reason. Add to that the fact that there are a few real gems in the chants and poems, and you have more reason to add this book to your e-book collection.

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