Posted by: Nyxks | April 13, 2008

Good Fortune and How to Attract it

Good Fortune and how to attract it
by Titania Hardie © 2008
Quadrille Publishing
ISBN 978-1-84400-577-2
304 pages
$22.50 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

The basic concept of THIS book is simple – update the 3,000 year old classic – the I Ching (Book of Changes). After all, that is the foundation of the original work – change. Ms. Hardie has eliminated many of the assumptions inherent in ancient Chinese life. The author has included three uniquely designed coins to be used with the book. She has taken a classic method of providing insight into one’s life and made it more appealing to the modern reader.

The sixty four forecasts in this book, while still quite broad in their basic interpretations, have been additionally fine-tuned by the addition of family position and a personality profile modified by the season of birth.

The symbols have changed (suns and moons instead of simple lines) but these are merely cosmetic changes. The method for determining the symbols remains the same, as does the method of transmuting the moving lines.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyhow, that this is a book which is designed to be used, not read. You won’t gain any benefit from sitting down and reading it, without putting in the effort to use it.

This book is filled with color. Each page is vibrant and eye-catching. Fortunately, the text is set in a basic black format, which makes it easier to read. Each forecast is given, and is then followed by the meaning of the moving lines (if any).

Each explanation of the moving lines is preceded by the relevant instructions, reminding the reader that the first line is on the bottom while the sixth line is at the top. Although this may seem overly repetitious, it serves a useful purpose since (in the Western world) we tend to think top to bottom. This repetition helps to avoid confusion.

Each forecast has two images, relating to family position, associated with it. The lower trigram image is in the lower left, while the upper trigram is in the upper right. A glance at these can reveal extra significance if either (or both) matches the symbol of your family position.

Each forecast image page also contains a representation of the coins which compose the trigram, which is a nice reminder.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of this book on multiple levels. In terms of the format – it is easy to use and understand the layout. In terms of its appearance – it is a convenient size, nicely bound and (with its distinctive plum-colored cover, easy to spot. In terms of its content – it captures the wisdom of its ancient predecessor while taking into account the necessary evolution caused by changing cultures (ancient Chinese thought is very different from modern Western thinking), our understanding of familial relationships, and other varying factors.

If you have never used the I Ching system before this is an excellent introduction to it. If you have used the original system, this may help you expand your understanding. In either case, I strongly recommend this book. It offers new insights coupled with advice which has stood the tests of time.

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