Posted by: Nyxks | April 12, 2008

The Dream Ender: A Dick Hardesty Mystery

The Dream Ender: A Dick Hardesty Mystery
by Dorien Grey © 2007
Zumaya Boundless
224 pages
$14.99 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

Dorien Grey began as a pseudonym and evolved into an alter ego for a lifelong book and magazine editor who wasn’t comfortable putting his real name ob books bridging the gay and straight communities.

This is the tenth book in the Dick Hardesty series. While I haven’t read the preceding books, I did dead (and review) the Western Novel Calico by the same author. Like Calico this book has no occult theme, but it is a well-written mystery novel which should appeal to all fans of the genre.

Considering the large numbers of GBLT folks in the Pagan/Craft community, I felt it would be worth the effort to review this book and include it among those I review for my usual posting sites. It is an erotic mystery revolving around a modern-day plague (AIDS) which was largely unknown and unacknowledged in the beginning. Sometimes it is hared to remember that only a generation ago AIDS was an “unmentionable” disease, inspiring fear in the medical community as well as among the gay population (civilization-at-large was safe, since everyone knew that it was a “gay” disease).

It is, most definitely, an adult novel. Although there is no explicit sex, there is a healthy dose of sexual innuendo, as well as an emphasis on the varieties of love in the gay community. It is, in the final analysis, a well written mystery with a gay slant. It isn’t (primarily) about being gay, but about helping to determine who was responsible for deliberately infecting the community, and dealing with the after effects.

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