Posted by: Nyxks | April 6, 2008

Jig of Life CD

Jig of Life CD
by Broceliande © 2006
(available from
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

Broceliande brings out the third volume in their “Songs of the Season” set. This one is dedicated to the Summer months. As is usual in this set, the songs are drawn from a variety of locales and cultures (Britain, Scandinavian and Central Europe).

The lively music of this Medieval inspired group is so thoroughly enjoyable that it is hard for me to single out any one thing to comment on. It is a shame that this group is not better known. Their music should have a broad appeal and a wider audience.

I must thank the good Pagan folks at Flowinglass Music ( for bringing them to my attention. My CD library, and my listening life, has been enriched by the addition of their work. My only regret is that, at this time, the second CD in the set (“Gathering May”) is sold out. Maybe if there is enough interest it will become available again. I sincerely hope this happens.

For those of us who prefer instrumental music for ritual use, there are numerous examples on this CD.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of a seasonal recipe at the end of the liner notes. It gives it even more of a feeling of friends sharing a quiet evening together. And, in fact, I might suggest that this would be a good use for this CD – get a few friends together on a summer’s evening and share the songs along with a slice of the Midsummer strawberry cake.

As I have said in previous reviews, I am a big fan of music which is often considered “old fashioned” (lyrics that tell a story, instruments and voice that complement each other, etc.). For that reason I strongly recommend this CVD

Let the people at Flowinglass Music know how much you appreciate their efforts. Support those efforts, and I am sure they will continue to supply us with excellent music long into the future.

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