Posted by: Nyxks | April 4, 2008

Passage CD

Passage CD
by Dragon Ritual Drummers © 2007
Dragon Ritual Drummers
11 Tracks
Reviewed by Mike Gleason

If you are one of those individuals, which I was, who have never heard this group before, I urge you to get this CD and take the opportunity to listen to it. It contains a stunning variety of drumming. There are rhythms that grab you by the heart-strings and draw you to dance. There are rhythms which transport you to other cultures. There are rhythms which make you feel good. In short, you will find something for everyone on this CD.

This is their newest release, and contains a version of their popular single “Pagan Soldier.” I had heard about this song from folks connected with Pagan Troop Support, so I was looking forward to hearing it.

I was going to say that it was amazing how well they captured the martial spirit without the use of vocals, but then I realized that most good martial music does that. Instead, I will say that it was amazing how well they drew together components for this song. Pipes and bass drums are expected; kettle drums are a given, but the combination of instruments lends a special feel to this song.

After listening to this CD a few times I found it rapidly becoming one of my favorites and, truthfully, I only have few CDs I listen to on a regular basis. Most of my CDs sit in my collection and gather dust. This CD is NOT one of those.

Go to their website and download “Pagan Soldier.” If you like it, and I am betting you will, purchase this CD and enjoy the wide range of drumming it contains. You won’t be disappointed.

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