Posted by: Nyxks | February 3, 2008

Barley Moon CD

Barley Moon CD
by Kenny Klein
available from
$17.00 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

In Kenny’s own words this is a “Folk-Rock/Celtic project.” I’m sure that there are those who, like me, really like folksy bluegrass style. And I’m equally sure there are a number of people who will automatically turn their backs on it, just from that description. Do me, and yourself, a favor, however, and take the time to listen to the 12 tracks on this CD.

Kenny has been performing at Ren Faires and Pagan gatherings for years, but his music has much wider appeal, in my opinion. His topics range from Herne the Hunter to life in California.

His warm balladeer’s voice evokes memories of nights around a campfire. The strings and drums which accompany him blend seamlessly with the moods he evokes, and draw the listener in.

Megan Gerraughty’s voice (on “Ossain’s Farewell”) is difficult to describe. My first thought was “ethereal” but that doesn’t really convey a true impression. In the end I would simply describe it as impressive and appropriate for the song.

For those listeners who grew up during the decades before disco, acid rock, and metal music, this disc is a pleasant trip down memory lane. It may not appeal to the newer generations, but give it a listen and you may find yourself drawn in.


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