Posted by: Nyxks | February 1, 2008

Meet Me in the Shade of the Maple Tree

Meet Me in the Shade of the Maple Tree
by Kenny Klein ©
available from
$17.00 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

“Pagan Gospel Bluegrass,” who’d have thought of that combination? Kenny7 Klein, of course. This latest offering from the talented mind of Kenny Klein is a one-of-a-kind disc, although I have hopes that this style may catch on and inspire further offerings.

The 11 tracks on this disc are dedicated to a variety of Pagan themes, from Diana and Lilith to a blue eyed Pagan girl, and range from historical to light-hearted approach. They all share a basic bluegrass orientation and that could be a stumbling block for some folks. But, seriously, put aside any preconceptions you might have and take the time to listen to these songs. Some might be called “serious” songs (I prefer “sincere”) and some are just for fun.

The title track “Meet Me in the Shade of the Maple Tree” is, for me, somewhat reminiscent of Gwydion Pendderwen’s “I’ll Be Reborn.”

I must admit to a bias towards the type of music that can be played and enjoyed around a campfire (not a lot of electric additions). If that isn’t your cup of herbal tea, you may want to give this CD a pass, but if you do you will be denying yourself a truly pleasurable experience.


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