Posted by: Nyxks | December 15, 2007

Crossroads CD

Crossroads CD
by Jenna Greene © 2007
Greene Lady Music
14 tracks Liner notes include all the lyrics
Total Running Time: 60 minutes
$17.50 (shipping included) through December 20th
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

While I wouldn’t recommend this CD for use in ritual (I don’t recommend any vocals for ritual use, in general), this is a thoroughly enjoyable musical voyage. It is a mixture of hauntingly beautiful songs and the spoken word.

These are not “traditional” Celtic songs (i.e., ones which have composed part of the Celtic heritage for generations), but there are strongly Celtic-themed songs. They tell stories which seem comfortingly familiar, even though they are new. They call to a part of the psyche of which we are often reluctant to acknowledge, not because we fear it, but simply because it lives in the background of our daily life.

Jenna’s voice is well suited to these songs, as is the instrumental accompaniment. They blend into a unison which calls the listener to sit down, forget about daily concerns, and simply enjoy. Enjoyment for the sake of enjoyment is a lost art in today’s world, I fear, but a few more CDs like this may help to restore it. I know that producing music is a joy for the average musician (and putting out a CD can be a major pain). I am hoping that, for Jenna, the joy outweighs the pain. I sincerely hope that she receives enough encouragement to follow this CD up with more. I know that I am eagerly awaiting future releases.

Don’t get this CD just because it has a Celtic flair; don’t get it just because I am recommending it whole-heartedly. Get it because, once you take the time to put it into your CD player, you will find yourself losing track of time and forgetting about the rude people and lousy situations you have encountered.

I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing her in a live performance, but I hope to rectify that in the future.


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