Posted by: Nyxks | November 1, 2007

Wicked Magic

Wicked Magic
by Cheyenne McCray © 2007
St. Martin’s Paperback
ISBN 978-0-312-94957-0
371 pages
$6.99 (U.S.) $8.99 (Canada)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

If you have read the two previous volumes in this series (Forbidden Magic and Seduced by Magic) you are already familiar with Ms. McCray’s style. This is fiction with a strong erotic component. This is not Harry Potter, nor is it pornography. What it is, however, is a thoroughly enjoyable story with strong magickal content and a believable love story running side-by-side. There are love scenes (described in somewhat graphic detail), but they do not dominate the story.

Granted that the worlds created by Ms. McCray are moderately dissimilar to the world we all inhabit (I don’t THINK San Francisco has a Paranormal Special Forces detachment in its Police Department), and the magic owes more to “Buffy” and “Charmed” than to Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, still the concepts and feelings ring true.

The first two books have explained, although not in great depth, the philosophy of the D’Anu witches (strictly white magic); Balorite warlocks (former witches who have given their service to Balor); and the various members of the Fae. Her take on all of this is, if not strictly factual, at least interesting reading.

I am eagerly awaiting each upcoming volume in this series. Although Ms. McCray is not a Witch (and she occasionally slips up in her presentation of magic and Witch beliefs), she is writing a series which is definitely Pagan-friendly. As I said earlier, however, this is definitely an ADULT series. It is not for younger readers, and it is not for prudes.

This time around, the story centers on Rhiannon, another member of the D’Anu coven – one who has a secret which she cannot reveal to anyone. In fact, unbeknownest to her, she has more secrets than she feels she can deal with.

Once more Ms. McCray draws the reader into a world which is just the other side of reality. It is so close that you may find your attitude shifting from incredulity to one of one of “Okay, I can see that.” She has a feel for her characters and a deft touch when it comes to describing them and their environments.

This is definitely an adult novel. The sex is explicit and relatively frequent. It is not, however, the major focus of this book, or of the entire series. There is an on-going conflict between humans and demons (gray magic D’Anu Witches versus demons and the leader of the Balorites versus the wife of Balor); between humans and humans (gray magic D’Anu Witches versus Balorite warlocks and white magic D’Anu witches versus gray magic D’Anus); and between demons and demons (the Queen of the Formori versus the wife of Balor). If that sounds confusing, it really isn’t. Read the books and it will all make perfect sense (okay, maybe not PERFECT sense, but it will make sense). And then, of course, there is the love aspect of the stories. And it definitely is love. not just sex

Based on what I have read thus far, I suspect that Ms. McCray has plans to continue this series through several more books. It seems to me that each member of the gray magic D’Anu coven is likely to have a story devoted to them. If that is, in fact, the case, we can expect this series to go on for another four or five volumes. And if that is what is happening, I am looking forward to enjoying Ms. McCray’s writing for years to come.


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