Posted by: Nyxks | October 4, 2007

Book of Doom

Book of Doom
by John Peel © 2006
Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN 0-7387-0842-9
161 pages
$4.99 (U.S.) $$5.95 (Canada)
Novel for ages 12 and up
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

The adventures of Score, Helaine, Pixel and Jenna continue. Nantor (one of the Three Who Rule) has broken loose of the magic confinement and has taken control of Pixel’s mind. This is leading to the imbalance, and potential breakdown, of the magic which imbues the worlds of Diadem. Under the guidance of Score, Helaine and Pixel Diadem had seen a birth of freedom and ease of existence; under the tyranny of the Three Who Rule it had seen, well, tyranny. Now the Three Who Rule are trying to turn the youngsters into vessels of their own ambition.

Shanara and Oracle, best friends and confidants of the youngsters, have prepared a deadly trap in the event that any of the youngsters fall under the influence of the Three Who Rule. The trap is designed to deposit them on a world whose plant life is inimical to any form of animal life, thus guaranteeing their destruction. The purpose of the trap is simply to deprive the Three Who Rule of their chosen vessels.

Pixel is sharing his mind, unwillingly, with Nantor and he is working to bring Eremin through to take possession of Helaine’s mind. This is in the furtherance of their plan to retake control of the Diadem (of course Eremin is not aware that Nantor plans to remove her so the can rule alone).

Over the course of this series we have witnessed the evolution of the trio of Score, Helaine, and Pixel from youngsters who didn’t know each other; didn’t trust each other; and didn’t particularly believe in magic into a cohesive group who only occasionally exhibit that type of behavior. They have, however, learned how to work together and to use their individual strengthens for the benefit of the group, and for the benefit of humanity.

Is this the end of this series? Quite possibly. It ends without a teaser for a forth-coming book, so that may be a clue. If this is the end of the series it has neatly tied up a lot of loose ends. If it ISN’T the end, there are still a couple of possible lines to explore. There is the question of Score’s mother open. And, even though the flow of magic as been restores to balance, there is still the question of restoring Pixel’s world to some form of normalcy after the total destruction of the virtual reality which had been the norm for generations.


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