Posted by: Nyxks | October 2, 2007

Utterly Wicked

Utterly Wicked
by Dorothy Morrison © 2007
WillowTree Press
ISBN 0-9794533-1-3
193 pages(tentative)
Price not determined yet
reviewed by: Mike Gleason

What a delightfully honest approach Ms. Morrison takes in this book. “This is not a book” as she clearly states in the introduction, “for those who believe that life can be lived without ever harming anyone. This is not a book for those who are overly concerned with Karma, the Threefold Law, and the Golden Rule. Nor is it a book for the squeamish, the straight-laced, or the easily offended.” I think that pretty much sets the tone of the book.

This book is guaranteed to offend a large segment of the Pagan population, and that is before they even open the cover. It will be attractive to a smaller number solely based on the title. It really isn’t aimed at either of those two segments. It is aimed at those Pagans who are willing to accept responsibility for their actions; those who are willing to realize that sometimes others cause their problems, but sometimes they are the cause themselves; and those who are willing to acknowledge the difference.

While I, personally, am not really fond of dealing with entities and divinities with which you are not fully familiar, I recognize that I am in a minority in this position. This I, personally, would not recommend making invocations and offerings to the Orisha Oya, as Ms. Morrison recommends, until you have a deep understanding of her, I recognize that as a personal bias. So long as you deal with her respectfully, as the author stress, you SHOULD be all right. Just be aware that Oya’s energy tends to be more primal than many people are used to.

As I, personally, subscribe to the idea that cursing and curing are opposite sides of the same coin, I have no problems with this particular book. And since I fully endorse taking charge of one’s life and owning one’s actions, I truly believe that sometimes one must stand up for one’s self and decide that enough is enough.

Her hexes and curses are easily do-able. She doesn’t include any obscure, hard-to-find ingredients. Plus I like the fact that she includes instructions for breaking and undoing your hex if (hard as it may be to believe) you discover that you made a mistake in identifying your target.

Her take on sending negative energy back to its source is one of the most common sense approaches I have ever seen, and gave me one of those “d’oh” moments.

This is an “Advanced Reader Copy”, so the pagination and price have not been established. It is due for publication in October of this year. Regardless of the cost, this book belongs in your library. No, I take that back. It belongs on your end table, bedside table, or wherever you are likely to see it often. You don’t want to have to hunt for this book when you need it.


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