Posted by: Nyxks | September 25, 2007

Curse of Arastold: The Silverskin Legacy Book Two

Curse of Arastold: The Silverskin Legacy Book Two
by Jo Whittemore © 2006
Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN 0-7387-0917-4
312 pages
$8.95 (U.S.) $10.95 (Canada)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

One of the things which I most dislike about a series of books is the necessary wait between volumes. If there is a gap of a year or more (which is not uncommon) it is easy to lose track of what happened previously. Fortunately for those of us who enjoy series, Llewellyn seems to make an effort to keep the waiting period reasonably short. I reviewed the first book in this series (Escape from Arylon) back in February, so it has only been four months between volumes One and Two in this trilogy. I’m not sure when volume Three will be out, but I look forward to it.

Llewellyn is producing several fiction series at this point, with the majority of them aimed at the young adult reader. “The Silverskin Legacy” is heavy on all the things that make such series popular – magic, dragons, tension between young folks and their elders, and a certain beginning tension between the sexes.

For those of you who haven’t read the previous book (and I do recommend that you do so) a short recap will bring you up to speed. If you’ve already read it, you can skip the next paragraph.

Two youngsters (Megan Haney and Ainsley Minks) are enjoying their summer break after completing their freshman year of high school when they are transported to a magical world by their next door neighbor, who happens to be a king in this magical world. They undergo a series of life-altering adventures, resulting in Ainsley becoming infected with “the Illness” as a result of his greediness for the use of magic. Megan refuses to leave him behind when the adults attempt to send her back home.

Within the first hundred pages of this book Ainsley discovers several unexpected things. First, his father is not upset to be contact from Arylon, by way of a pot of chili. Second, his father is actually from Arylon. And, third, he (Ainsley) is actually the grandson of Lady Maudred.

The Illness presents Ainsley with several serious problems, the least of which is unexpected outburst of anger. Then there are the physical changes – scaly skin, red eyes, wings…all of which will lead to his eventual confinement and probable death as a dragon. It turns out there is a cure for the Illness, if Ainsley can find a corpse and reverse a scroll of banishment.

Taking care of that should solve their problems, right? Well, maybe not.

This trilogy is lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Buy it. Read it. It’s a fun way to spend a rainy weekend this summer.


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