Posted by: Nyxks | September 20, 2007

Never Burn a Witch

Never Burn a Witch (Book Two in the Rowan Gant Investigations)
by M.R. Sellars © 2001
Willow Tree Press
ISBN 0-9678221-1-4
412 pages
$8.95 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

Rowan Gant is back. And his life hasn’t improved markedly since we last saw him. He is still reliving his experiences from the first book; still recovering from the miscarriage of his child; and still trying to convince members of the Police Department in St. Louis that Wiccans are not involved in “,,,lurid orgies by the light of the full moon for the purpose of spawning demon children.”

I commented in my previous review (Harm None) that earlier reviewers had compared Rowan Gant to Mercedes Lackey’s Diana Tregarde. I said then that I agreed with them, but I feel that Gant, in several ways, surpassed Ms. Tregarde. Of course the author of this series has a few things in his favor that Ms. Lackey did not have. First and foremost is the explosion of interest in Forensics and “Crime TV” on the cable networks. There is an atmosphere of acceptance that was not present before. Secondly, there is an indefinable appeal that Rowan Gant exudes that was missing with Diana Tregard.

There are, currently, four more books upcoming in this series with more (I hope) in the offing. Diana Tregarde’s adventures stopped after three books because there wasn’t a market for “occult” crime fiction. Thankfully that has changed.

If you have not read these books; if you enjoy Pagan/Wiccan friendly fiction for adults; if you are willing to look beyond the shelves of your local mega-bookstore, do yourself a favor and buy these books. Use, do a Google search to find out where else you can find them, but buy these books.

It is such a pleasure to read adult fiction from an author who knows modern-day Wicca, that I find it hard to recommend these books too much.

There will be things you won’t agree with; Gods know I’ve got a couple of issues with Mr. Sellars’ views. Don’t let that stop you from reading these books and enjoying them.


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