Posted by: Nyxks | July 3, 2007

Greek Gods in Love

Greek Gods in Love
by Barbara Stacy © 2007
The Witches” Almanac, Ltd.
ISBN 0-9773703-1-3
171 pages
$15.95 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

Is this the best of all possible books on Greek mythology? No, it isn’t. Is it an excellent resource on the amorous adventures of the Greek gods? Absolutely, and without reservation. Might there be a better book on the subject? I suppose so, but I haven’t encountered it yet and I doubt that anyone could convey the information as entertainingly and as easily as Ms. Stacy does.

The stories are drawn from classical sources; illustrated with photos and drawings; and presented simply and clearly. There is wit and a fresh viewpoint. Ancient sources are cited (Homer and Hesiod, among others), but not slavishly followed.

Fully 40% of the book is devoted to the erotic exploits of Zeus. Considering that he was first among the Olympians, it is not surprising that so much space is dedicated to his loves. That does not mean that the rest of the pantheon is ignored, by any means.

While this book doesn’t need to be in every library, it would certainly be a welcome addition to many. It is not pornographic, nor are the illustrations at all graphic. It is merely a collection of stories about the interactions (on a “romantic” level) of the Greek gods and goddesses with each other, and with humanity.

Enjoy it.


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