Posted by: Nyxks | July 1, 2007

Silver’s Lure

Silver’s Lure
by Annie Kelleher © 2006
ISBN 0-373-80237-4
459 pages
$14.95 (U.S.) $18.95 (Canada)
REeiewed by: Mike Gleason

This is the third book in the series by this author. It is the prequel to the first two books. I have been looking forward to getting this book since I finished reading the first two books (Silver’s Bane and Silver’s Edge). It sets out the background to a world which feels quite familiar to those readers who are conversant with Celtic mythology.

When I was growing up fairy stories, as opposed to fairy tales, were almost exclusively about friendly, helpful little folks. There were few, if any, stories which showed friction between the races of little people. Most of the stories showed the “fairies” as either helpful to humans or, at worst, mischievous.. Not so with this series of books. This is a world of confusion and dirt; a world where the boundaries between the mortal existence and the sidhe is crossed, all too often, unawares. It is, in other words, the world many Pagans and magick users inhabit daily.

It took me a while to be pulled back into the world Ms. Kelleher has illuminated, but perhaps that more a function of when I read this book than anything else. I read the first two books between Lammas and Mabon when the tide on energy in our world was heading toward harvest. I read this book between Samhain and Yule, when the tide has slowed down. The writing is as crisp, and the storytelling is as compelling, as any I have read in quite a while..

As a rule, I’m not really fond of prequels being written after the major work. Many times they are anticlimactic. This book, however, is an enjoyable story in its own right. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys GOOD fantasy writing.


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