Posted by: Nyxks | June 1, 2007

A Seeker’s Journey and Initiation into Wicca

A Seeker’s Journey and Initiation into Wicca
by Janine DeMartini © 2006
Publish America
ISBN 1-4251-3951-1
194 pages
$16.95 (U.S.)
May be ordered from Publish America PO Box 151 Fredrick, MD 21705 or on-line at
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

This is one person’s account of her journey from an inquisitive pre-teen in the ‘80s through experiences and questions; doubts and self-assurance; and all the myriad events that make up the life-changing course many people go through. It is not a great book. It is, however, an excellent book.

It is not a continuous story. It is told as a result of her mediations prior to her initiation and needs to be understood in that context.

Since it is, in essence, autobiographical it offers insights into the perceptions and actions of its author. And since it is being written relatively close in time to the events being described, it brings a sense of immediacy which is frequently lacking from other autobiographical writings.

Ms. DeMartini is not shy about sharing her ideas and perceptions. She is a generation behind me in coming to Wicca, but still encountered many of the same problems I met with – failure of people to follow through on promises; expectations not being met; and many others.

She includes a section on a group she associated with which is definitely not Wiccan (and she makes that quite clear). It was an important part of her evolution, and thus deserves to be included.

Her journey, as she is well aware, is still on-going. She may be prompted to write another book further down her path.

At the end of the book she includes a few rituals which she created for an Open Circle group she founded. Some of the invocations and images are quite compelling.

This book will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is not a how-to book. It does not contain a great deal of detail (she deliberately does not name groups, traditions, and individuals with whom she does not agree). It is, however, an excellent insight into how to follow the promptings of the Gods. And it shows the value of meditation and journaling during one’s passage from Inquirer through Initiation and beyond.


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